5 Ways To Motivate Your Partner to Start Exercising

How to Motivate Your Partner to Workout

5 Ways To Motivate Your Partner To Start Exercising

We’re Not Working Out Because You’re Not Working Out

You’ve made a huge lifestyle change. You’re working out 3-4 times a week, changed your diet and only splurge on your cheat day.

And you’re seeing the results. Ladies, that dress you love is showing off your hard-earned curves and fellas, the new broader shoulders and smaller waist you worked for give you a nice V-cut look in your blazer.

Unfortunately for you and your relationship, your partner’s idea of leg day is having fried chicken drumsticks for dinner. Needless to say, the gains aren’t the same. While your waist is slimming, they’re carrying a spare tire.Gym, Fitness, healthy lifestyle. Smiling people. Over white backIf you’re making fitness a priority in your life and your partner is not, it is going to affect your relationship. Starting a conversation about it might be tough, but staying madly in love with someone who doesn’t hold your values or your interest may be tougher.

Get on the same page with these tips to motivate your partner to get fit:

  1. Always approach from a positive place.
    Personal fitness can be a touchy subject, and if your partner has body image issues it could be even more difficult to have the conversation. Be careful not to criticize, and make the conversation about health and lifestyle changes, not diets. Commend them for a way in which they are taking care of themselves, and have a discussion about making other positive changes.train together
  2. Find an activity they enjoy and suggest taking a class.                                                                                    Is your boyfriend a boxing fanatic? Does your girlfriend love dance music? Do some research and find a fitness class catered to their interests. Finding an activity that excites them will get them more active and hopefully start positive habits. You might even sign up together to give them an extra boost of encouragement.                                                                                                                         Couples Yoga Class
  3. Invite them to prepare healthy meals with you.
    Get cozy in the kitchen while you swap white rice for quinoa. Preparing healthy meals or taking a healthy cooking class together is a great way for couples to get closer and healthier. Try new nutritious ingredients and recipes together, and see if you can cut out the takeout.couple-eating
  4. Invite them to workout with you.
    Make exercise a couple’s activity. If you’re more experienced, give some tips and help them learn the basics. If they’re feeling intimidated, choose a workout that’s foreign ground for both of you. Try yoga, bootcamp, or spin. Level the playing field, get them active and spend some quality time together. After you break a nice sweat together and hit the showers, you might get in some late night cardio.partner workout
  5. This is a conversation about health not physical appearance.
    If you’re eating right and pushing yourself to exercise, you know a trim figure is just one of the benefits of investing in your body. Place the emphasis on health and not on physical appearance. This person cares about you, so hearing that you’re not into them anymore (even if they have gained more than a few pounds in all the wrong places) is only going to hurt. Be honest, but don’t be brutal.Couple training together

Even with you as a coach, the only person who is going to get your partner’s ass to the gym is your partner. Be positive, be patient, and be encouraging. If that doesn’t work out, you could always split for your gym crush who never misses leg day.

Demetrius Fincher, LMSW, NASM-CPT
Invest in Your Body

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